Formal Dress Rentals 

Why spend the money to buy a dress for one night when you can rent? The Pink Door Boutique offers on trend formal  and semi-formal wear at an affordable price. Our dresses range from $30-$70 plus a $15 cleaning fee. Come reserve your perfect dress for a fraction of the cost if you were to buy. We also offer temporary alterations for many of the dresses including temporary hems, cap sleeves, and modest panels to make it the perfect dress for any occasion.

Wedding Dress Rentals 

This is the newest addition to the Pink Door Boutique and we are so excited to offer it! Don't want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on your wedding dress? We've got a solution. Rent the perfect dress for that special day without breaking the budget. Rentals range from $200-$500 with an additional cleaning fee. Many of our dresses also have a very affordable purchase price on them that allows you to keep your dress and the memories made on that amazing day.  


   Formal Dresses

Ladies, I'm sure you have dresses taking up precious closet space... Why not turn them into a bit of cash?? Consign your formal wear from past events with The Pink Door Boutique and receive 20% of the profit when it rents and 70% if you wish to sell. Please contact us now to introduce your beautiful dresses!

   Wedding Dresses

With the new addition of wedding dresses at the Pink Door Boutique we are now accepting wedding dresses for consignment. Please contact us for more info. 

Still need your dress?

The beauty of consigning with the Pink Door Boutique is that you maintain ownership of your dress and can reserve it for FREE any time you'd like. It's just sitting in our closet instead of yours.